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Frank and Oph



Product Description

Frank & Oph Scratching Pad Cat Toy Corrugated Cardboard Lounge

  • Frank and Oph is a small business based out of London Ontario Canada
  • Stimulates play and urge to scratch
  • Quality, heavy weight scratching pad
  • Protects furniture by giving cats a place to scratch
  • Support local! Frank and Oph donates a portion of proceeds back to local animal rescues

Frank and Oph scratching pads are here! Amp up your friday night BOX PAWTY with a scratch box. Fulfil your cats need to scratch by providing a designated scratching area. Pairs well with our Frank and Oph premium catnip – pour a little in and start the scratch party! Save your furniture, carpet and couches! Support a local business based in London, Ontario, Canada. Find us at @FrankandOph

*catnip not included


  • Weight: 0.4 g

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